WEDNESDAY 17                ACTIVITY / TOPIC

17:00 h – 19.00 h             Scientific Committee Meeting: "Guidelines for sustainable tourism in cities" Memorandum for Barcelona



8:30 h – 9:00 h                  Accreditation

9:00 h – 10:00 h               Opening session

10:00 h –11:00 h              "Keynote: Tourism and its impact on territory from a sustainable perspective.

Presentation of the new standard of urban tourism"

11:00 h – 11:30 h             Pause

11:30 h - 12:45 h              Round table: More sustainable and resilient tourist cities and climate commitment

"The new Urban Agenda's proposal is to increase the resilience of cities and their capacity for responding to completely new and emerging challenges, as well as to promote adaptation to climate change and protect the environment. Some of these measures include: better urban planning, quality infrastructures and improved capacity of local responses, all these being factors that concern the development and planning of tourism in cities.

Urban tourism can play a leading role in adopting the Paris Agreements on a practical level, with their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in such key areas as sustainable energy, environmental sustainability and urban resilience."

12:45 h – 13:30 h             Keynote: Tourism Marketing for Sustainable Destinations

13:30 h – 15:00 h             Lunch

15:00 h – 16:15 h             Round table: Organisational Innovation for Sustainability in Urban Tourism (innovation and applied intelligence)

"Urban tourism is currently facing the challenge of promoting public and business practices capable of applying novel methods and strategies in business and management models, based on creativity and talent and aimed at creating new sustainable tourist services and products. Innovation culture is consequently influencing the way destinations, tourist companies and human resources are being managed and how creativity is being promoted, as well as having an effect on organisational learning and technological and competitive surveillance and intelligence systems.

Tourist intelligence in the new era of digital tourism is descending at full steam on urban destinations and organisations aiming to incorporate information management into the development of new models and initiatives, so they can be competitive and make headway along the path to sustainability."

16:15 h - 17:30 h              Round table: Heritage and creative capacity of cities

"Tourism can play a major role in preserving the legacy of our urban heritage for present and future generations and become a driving force for cultural heritage, the arts and the cultural and creative industries in cities.

Tourism in cities faces an ongoing challenge in promoting the creation, development and introduction of sustainable tourist products and services that foster heritage-friendly uses and convey the values of the destination and its identity through tourist experiences. That implies integrating the conservation of cultural and natural heritage into the planning of sustainable tourism, putting special emphasis on intangible cultural heritage, given its extreme vulnerability."


09:00 h – 10:30 h             Round table: Applying Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to urban tourism

"Sustainable tourism represents a unique opportunity for helping to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Cities as a whole provide an extraordinary capacity for mobilising resources and initiatives in this line and responsible tourism can be one of their most effective conduits.

Now that the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development has been approved, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are becoming the common road map for turning the tourist sector into one of the key driving forces for sustainability. It is in this context that urban tourism is proving to have more potential than any other area to contribute both directly and indirectly to all the targets set out in the SDG."

10:30 h – 11:00 h             Pause

11:00 h – 12:00 h             Keynote: Decent work conditions to tranform tourism

12:00 h – 13:15 h             Round table:Citizens and tourists, creating spaces to live side by side

"Cities are continually facing the challenge of building a sustainable tourist offer, where visitors and citizens integrate and live side by side, minimising the negative impact that tourism can create, redistributing its benefits and seeking a way to fit tourism into the urban dynamics.

Such a vision implies developing new scenarios for empowering citizens and tourists, as well as creating stable links and channels with the local economy and offering the city’s services and other economic and productive activities in the urban environment.

The growth of tourism has to be accompanied by collective planning and discussions, to avoid imbalances, making it necessary to build a a permanent space for dialogue, reflection and work, for sharing with all the players involved, which is why innovative public-participation structures must be developed."

13:15 h - 13:45 h              Closing session and conclusions

13:45 h – 14:00 h             Barcelona Declaration