Mission, philosophy and values

Discover the principles and values that inspire our work

Our Mission

Our mission through the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is to promote tourism management models that effectively contribute to the maintenance and protection of cultural and natural heritage in tourist destinations, promoting compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which change over time and whose adaptation to the tourism sector is carried out by the Institute.

As a final goal, the RTI promotes sustainable development within the tourism industry and the social and cultural authenticity of each destination and community. To achieve this goal, the Institute collaborates with tourism business associations, non-governmental organizations and destination governments with an important cultural and natural heritage, in both developed and developing countries.

All these collaborations seek a true sustainable international development, through different tools:

-    Certification

-    Promotion

-    Training

-    Investigation

-    Summits


In the Responsible Tourism Institute, we are concerned about the improvement of the environment and the quality of life in tourist destinations, attending to the local economy, fostering employment and local culture and, in general, caring for and preserving the cultural and natural heritage in the tourism industry. We do this through the promotion, dissemination, and application of standards that guarantee a certification on sustainable tourism.

The RTI dedicates an important part of its activities to provide practical tools for developing a responsible tourism policy in the sector, but the collaboration of the agents involved is necessary. That is why we try to make sure that our principles are encouraged by the authorities responsible for the destinations and the communities since they are the main actors capable of achieving sustainability within each tourist destination.


Endorsed by our labels under the Biosphere brand and intimately related to the Code of Ethics of the UNWTO, the Responsible Tourism Institute promotes the following principles:

  • 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN
  • World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20
  • Guidelines of the Paris Climate Summit