About us

We promote sustainable tourism around the world from all perspectives and sectors


The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is an international non-profit NGO, in the form of an association, which has promoted, for more than 20 years, responsible tourism at an international level, helping all the actors involved in the tourism sector develop a new way of traveling and of knowing our Planet. Discover our origins.

We collaborate with various associations of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, as well as with organizations, governmental and non-governmental, for the realization of tourist activities and projects -located both in developed countries and in developing countries- where the initiatives are carried out consistent with the principles of sustainable development.



The alliances and the search for synergies to join efforts are the basis for the functioning of the RTI, where the participation of all the actors involved in tourism development is key to achieve comprehensive sustainability. For this reason, our structure seeks joint participation and the creation of a link between the scientific field, government entities, innovation management entities, universities, tourist destinations, tour operators and booking pages, the media, responsible tourist and, associations, among others.

The Institute works for a responsible tourism defining objectives and setting guidelines for the future through three internal bodies: The Board of Directors, the Scientific Council, and the General Secretariat. All of them shape our day to day and are fundamental pillars of the activity of the RTI.



It is an advisory body of the Institute formed by relevant personalities and experts in matters related to science and technology in the field of sustainability and tourism.

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The Steering Council formulates the main guidelines and lines of action of the RTI. Its members have representativity functions and actively contribute to the international dimension of the Institute.

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The General Secretariat is in charge of coordinating and executing the development of RTI activities at a territorial level.

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