Know the inner workings of RTI and the people who form part of it.


Alliances and the search for synergies to join efforts are the basis of the operation of the RTI, where the participation of all the actors involved in tourism development is key to achieve comprehensive sustainability. Thus, the RTI pursues the union of all the sectors: scientific, institutional, innovative, educational, political and administrative, promotional, commercial, informative, citizenship, business... For this reason, our structure seeks the joint participation and connection of the Scientific Council, the government entities (UNWTO, UNESCO ...), the innovation management entities (Seggitur...), universities, responsible tourism destinations (Biosphere Destination Community), tour operators and booking pages, fairs and traders, ambassadors, responsible tourists and associations (ASOLAN, ITH ...)

From the Institute, we work in the promotion of responsible tourism defining goals and setting guidelines for the future through three internal bodies: The Board of Directors, the Steering Council, and the Scientific Council. All of them shape our day-to-day and are fundamental pillars of our activity.



Executive body of the Association which exercises its representation and administration.



Our Steering Council is the advisory body of the association, formed by a maximum of 20 people of international renown, appointed by the Board of Directors, looking for a geographical and thematic balance in relation to sustainable tourism. It formulates the main guidelines of the RTI. Likewise, it reports in a binding manner the action plans and the annual budgets. Its members have representativity functions and actively contribute to the international dimension of the Institute.



Advisory body of the Institute formed by relevant personalities and experts in matters related to science and technology in the field of sustainability and tourism.

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